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Ultimate functional solution with impressive writable laminate

Modern home or workplace strives to make the best use of every space with right surface material. As not all the material fit well in all space hence it is crucial to invest little time and choose the best material that will enhance the elegance, functionality and feel of the space. Whether you want to create great impression on your guests at home or investors, customers and employees at office with the high quality surface material you can make any dull and uninviting space warm and welcoming. Writeable laminate could be best option for the places where along with frequent display, communication and presentation durability, easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal is must.

Effective applications

With the advancement of technology the properties of the laminates are also being upgraded. There are various types, style, colors and design of laminate available hence you can easily find the right one as per the usability of the space and your interior goal. Writable laminate also has magnetic properties hence you can use it in various places such as

  • In living and bedrooms for holding photographs
  •  Kid’s room for exam Schedules, homework assignment, etc.
  • In hospital to paste medical reports, charts operation schedules, etc.
  • Workplace as notice boards and pin-up boards
  • School for notice and other important information

Ensure quality

Since decades laminate has been widely used in various horizontal and vertical applications such as commercial restroom cubicles, bathroom partitions, school furniture, lab furniture, worktops, countertops, swimming pool, lockers, wall, floor, etc. As with the high quality material you can expect long lasting services hence never compromise on the quality of the material. Some of the benefits of laminates over other traditional alternatives such as wood, stone, granite, concrete, etc. are

  • Laminates made to last
  • It is a prefinished product
  • Natural look and feel
  • Moisture, heat, wear and tear and scratch  resistance
  • Laminate is a low-maintenance material
  • Stain-repellent