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The importance of language in modern society

More Than Words: The Importance Of Language In Our Society

Language is the only thing that separates people from different regions apart from their culture. But in order to unify the population of earth the United Nations organization recognized English as the official language in most countries. English thus became the major language to be used in most countries. With the growing importance of English language it became apparent that higher education must also be imparted in English. This has resulted in most countries adapting English as the language for higher education. Thus in today’s time you will see that most foreign universities and colleges have made it mandatory for the students to have English language skills. 

What is the IELTS test and how does it help the students?

Now to test the English language skills of the students from foreign countries a Standard English test must be set up. This is why IELTS was started. IELTS stands for international English language testing system. It is a standard test which most of the higher educational institutes use to check the skills of students in English language. This test basically takes note of English language skills in four different ways. First is English writing skill then there is English speaking skills, apart from these there is also mock interview and comprehension skill tests available as well. IELTS is a very high standard test thus requires proper preparation beforehand. 

Where to study for IELTS in Thailand?

It is this preparatory phase that concerns most students. Where to studying ielts ( ที่ เรียน ielts,which is the term in Thai)? It is the main worry of most students in developing countries where English is not a part first or second language. To help students with their ielts preparation many coaching institutes have come forward with all in one study materials and live classes. In Thailand for example institutes like the interpas has been providing quality IELTS preparation materials to the students. So if you are in Thailand and want to prepare for ielts properly then make sure to get admission into one of these instructions.