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On-Line UPS Vs. Standby UPS

The global battery backup systems are classified into two though there are similar systems. They are the On-line UPS and the Standby Ups.

The on-line UPS functions more like an in-built laptop battery. A system plugged to a wall outlet gets constant current supply from the wall to the battery, powering up the system, unlike the UPS battery (แบต ups, which is the term in Thai). Peradventure there is a power outage or the system is being unplugged, the laptop is capable of retaining power with the on-line UPS system which functions as an in-built battery. Whether there is a glitch or interruption, there is a constant power supply.

The Standby UPS, on the other hand, takes between 10 and 13 ms to switch to the backup supply in case of a power outage or disconnection from the power source. This system, however, does not turn to the backup supply except it detects an issue.

Differences Between Online Ups And Standby Ups

The most significant difference between these types of UPS  can be viewed in the backup system. If the battery has enough power,  the computer will not shut down as a result of a loss of power when an on-line UPS is in use. This may not be the case when it is being used with a standby UPS, there may be a little lag in responding to the quick outage by the Stand by ups. The more sophisticated systems built recently are equipped with the ability to spot a power issue in 2 mini seconds.

Generally, on-line UPS costs more than standby UPS. It is also more costly than a line-interactive up. There is much similarity between line interactive ups and standby ups.

The line-interactive ups are specially made for places with frequent voltage drop, and they are more costly than the standby ups but less expensive than the on-line ups. You can purchase your desired ups from electronic vendors and those that sell Ups (เครื่อง ups ,which is the term in Thai)