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Smart Options For Choosing The Best USB Outlet

The need for a system to transfer data between the hosts and other devices births the USB. The USB helps connect and transfer devices, from computers to hard drives or printers. Shortly, the USB has been programmed to become a power charging source. In our world today, there are various USB wall outlets specifically made for charging of phones and tablets. The primary function of these outlets is to convert AC power to DC power to enable the phones or tablets charge. There are various types of a USB wall outlet in the market here are some things you should consider before buying a USB wall outlet

More devices mean slow charging

The more devices plugged in a Power plug with usb socket (ปลั๊กไฟ มี USB ,which is the term in Thai), the lower the charging speed. The USB charger ports in a wall outlet divide the amperage output in between devices plugged in it. While a phone can take up 1 amp, a much higher device like the tablet can take up to 2.3 amps. If you have two devices requiring many numbers of amps than the one in the USB outlet, you may experience a prolonged charging speed.

The size of a USB charger outlet is more significant than the standard outlets used in homes. It is advised to you choose a USB socket with the size of your junction box to save you the cost of replacing your junction box.

Choose high amp output

After you have chosen a configuration that is suitable for you, go ahead and select the highest amperage output for your configuration. The USB port will recognise it immediately you plug in your device, and only the specified amount of amperage suitable for your device will be released. In case the recognition failed, the USB charging points will release only five amps which is safe for any device to charge.

There are versatile USB outlets in the market. Some USB outlets have AC receptacle outlets and vertical USB charging ports while there are  Usb power plug with 3 socket  (ปลั๊ก 3 ตา usb ,which is the term in Thai). This creates a functional space for plugging in AC power cords