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Can Water-Resistant Cell Phones Be Completely Submerged?

Even those who have a water-resistant cell phone are not exempt from these types of an inconvenience. Many owners of “waterproof” phones arrive with their smartphones at technical assistance because of problems with water. This happens because people purposely expose their devices to specific situations for which the devices are not prepared, such as diving on the beach or swimming pool.

Water-resistant cell phones, usually IP67 or 68 certified, should not be submerged. This feature guarantees protection only against accidental contact with the liquid.

Beware Of Water Vapor

Another care that must be taken is with the exposure of the smartphone to water vapor. Many people habit taking their cell phones to the bathroom when showering, but they don’t know that this can also be harmful. Felipe comments that, in some cases, the phone arrives at the technical assistance with oxidation problems, even without falling into the water. This is because “water vapor also causes the device to oxidize over time.” So, the best thing to avoid is taking your phone to the bathroom.

Cell Phone With A Cracked Screen Is More Vulnerable To Contact With Water?

The answer to that question is yes. If your smartphone has cracks or some other defect on the screen, care must be redoubled, as the device is more vulnerable to contact with water. According to experts such as Movical.net  for example, water enters through the crack in the cracked glass and can contaminate the display more quickly. In addition, just having the panel damaged already leaves the device more exposed and susceptible to problems.

Conclusion: How To Recover A Device That Has Fallen Into The Water?

Therefore, prevention is the best way to avoid cell phone damage due to contact with water. However, if this has already happened, the best thing to do is to remove the chip, microSD, and battery, if possible, and dry the device with a towel. Then the idea is to take it to technical assistance. If this is not possible, keep your cell phone in a pot with rice for at least a day to absorb the water. If you’re very clumsy or spend a lot of time near water, leaving your phone at risk, it’s worth considering a water-resistant smartphone in your next purchase. Although the phone has this feature, its care should be the same. Another tip is to purchase a waterproof case to keep your cell phone safe, especially when it is more exposed, such as on the beach or near the pool.