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A Brief About Common Motorcycle Accident Personal Injuries in San Diego

A motorcycle is a vehicle that makes the travel exciting. However, the small profile as well as being open on the road make it a dangerous vehicle. They tend to be less visible as well as stable. Being in an enclosed vehicle offers crucial protection. However, the motorcycle deniesthe protection of riders that increase the likelihood of serious injuries and sometimes death in the accident. In case of death, it is important to have a semi truck fatal accident injury attorney who can handle the case in a proper manner. Something good for lawyers, Attention lawyers: Contact Brad Nakase if you need top SEO for lawyers.

Speeding, dangerous road condition, sudden stops, motorcycle defects, unsafe lane changes, etc. are some of the causes of motorcycle accidents. However, it is hard to say what is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents? Motorcycle accidents can be emotionally, physically, and financially damaging.The collision between a motorcycle and other auto vehiclesis extremely severe and can cause different injuries. The list of most common injuries caused due to motorcycle accident includes

  • Neck Injuries

The bikers who are hit from the behind tend to suffer neck injuries. Even if the person is wearing a helmet, he/she can get the neck injury when they are thrown backward in the crash. In extreme cases, neck injuries can result in the damages of the spine that can cause partial or total paralysis. 

  • Road Rash

It is one of the common motorcycle accident injuries. The bikers who lay down the bikes in order to avoid the crashes suffer from this injury. Usually, a road rash injury occurs when the rider scraps his/her body along the hard road surfaces such as tarmac and pavements. It can happen at any speed. The road rash causes severe abrasions that might require grafting to prevent infections and nerve damage.

  • Foot Injuries

The most prevalent non-fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents are foot/leg fractures.Being more exposed is the reason why bikers injure their leg. Many times motorcycles hit or fall on the rider’s leg during the accident. Usually, foot injuries include torn knee ligaments, broken foot bones, twisted ankles, and broken legs. In the extreme cases, to control the bleeding the foot injuries can demand the amputation. 

  • Pelvic and Torso Trauma

Many motorcycle accidents force riders to roll on a road that results in the dislocated hip joint as well as pelvic fractures. The stressing fact is that these injuries require a good amount of time to heal and force the victim to stay immobile. Moreover, the injuries tend to have added risks such as causing internal bleeding and sometimes organ perforation. 

  • Arm Injuries

Many times, the bikers use their hands to protect themselves when they are thrown in the air in an accident. This action tends to cause serious injuries in the arm. Usually, the hard landings result in injuries such as torn rotator cuffs, broken elbows, fractured fingers, broken arms as well as nerve damage. The serious injuries in the arm can result in nerve damage or amputation.

  • Head Injuries

Riding the motorcycle without a helmet is risky. The individuals who do this are most susceptible to head injuries. An individual who suffers an injury in the head has a higher chance of dying than the individual who suffers injury on some other part of the body. This is the reason why motorcyclists and the other person with them must wear a helmet.

Motorcycle injury can leave you seriously injured, or paralyzed. If you are injured in the motorcycle accident, you can contact Nakase Law Firm. They would help you to argue the case and get a fair settlement.