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What are the categories of slot machines?

What is an online slot machine game?

You would be familiar with physical casinos that offer various casino games along with slot machine games. Online slot machine games are similar to those played with a mechanical reel in a physical casino. But here, it is online. The same set up will be digitalized, and you should have to press a spin button rather than pulling the lever in a physical slot machine. Once you press the spin button, the digital reels will start spinning with various symbols printed on them. Depending upon the type of game, the number of reels and pay lines will vary. Many sites online offer these slot machine games. You should be aware of the possibilities for online gambling websites to cheat on you, and it is necessary to select a reliable gambling website like slotxoYou can research how to choose the best online gambling sites. In the case of online slots, there will be a variety of games with small differences in the setup and the gameplay. In this article, let us discuss the categories in brief.

Categories of online slot machines

Online slot machine games can be categorized based on two factors as below.

  • Number of reels and pay lines
  • Themes of slot machines

Categories of slot games based on the number of reels and pay lines

Reel slots – Reel slots are the classical versions of slot machine games that will consist of three reels and a single pay line. Once the player selects the combination and spins the reels, the pay line will land in the middle, connecting three symbols in total. If the combination matches that of the player’s selection, he wins.

Video slots – Video slots are similar to reel slots. But there will be five reels and several pay lines in action. There will be several probabilities for the winning combinations, and the players can choose more combinations if he wants. The pay line selection will also be available. Since the chances of winning are low compared to reel slots, the payouts will be high for video slots. 

Progressive slots – These slots are of the same gameplay as the others but with an addition of increasing jackpot. Every time a player joins a slot game in the casino, a part of his bet amount will add up to the total prize amount. The person who wins the slot can have the jackpot amount as a whole.

Categories of slot games based on the themes

Slot game themes are nothing but the replacements for blank set up and symbols in ordinary slot games. Since the game proceeds with the help of symbols with some graphics in the background, casinos thought of including a theme with them. All the notations and animations will stick to a particular theme to attract a specific set of audience. Some of the popular themes are,

  • Movie themes
  • Adventure themes
  • Horror themes
  • Comic themes
  • Space themes
  • Mythological themes
  • Scientific themes