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Tips for transporting animals safely: do you need a special service?

Do you know how to transport pets on your trip? Traveling without a doubt is the best things to do in the world. And the trip is perfect if you count the ones you love, isn’t it? On a trailer trip, it is even more important. Therefore, your pets cannot be left out of your planning. But like you, your pets need to be safe, and there are some rules you need to follow. 

Preparing your pet for the trip

Before hitting the road, a few things are necessary to not cause any problems during the trip. Our initial tip is to put any kind of identification on your pet. Opt for a pet chain with a pendant. Engrave his/her name on it. You can also opt for pet’s neck band where you can print your contact number, along with your name or address. That way, it will be easier to find him if he gets lost. Another very important tip is to pay a visit to the vet. Make sure your pet has all its vaccinations up to date, to take care of its health and also the people who will be around. 

How to transport animals?

By law, it is totally allowed to transport animals, as long as you follow certain precautions. Not following these rules can not only cause fines and loss of points in the wallet, but mainly affect your pet’s safety and also yours in the event of an accident. It is the reason why many people are relying on professional pet transport services. All you need is to search on Shiply for the best pet transport services, ask quotes online, and select the professional that suits your budget and needs.

We know that you feel like carrying your pet on your lap, letting him enjoy the breeze with his head out the window. But it is one of the cases prohibited by law. When the pet is loose in the car, besides being vulnerable in the event of an accident, it poses a risk to the driver. After all, he can take your attention away.

How professional pet transport service works?

With a transport box, the pet friendly driver put your pet inside and secure it with the strap of the seat belt. It is the most suitable way to transport animals, especially for cats. However, for very long trips, there are other options. For small animals, the driver uses baby seats, which are like baskets.  Some pets like a little more freedom. Therefore, there are safety belts suitable for animals, which can be used in all sizes. Remembering that only attaching the common guide to the belt is wrong and does not guarantee the necessary safety.

What to take on the trip?

Besides an emergency, some items will make the ride more comfortable for your pet. To make him/her feel at home, and not get so excited, don’t forget to add his/her bed along with a blanket in the suitcase. Also, take his/her favorite toys, that little food he loves and hygiene items, beside the pots for water and food.