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The Best Tricks And Tips For The Huawei Y7

The Huawei Y7 was presented at the beginning of the year for the brand’s range of affordable mobiles. A very interesting phone for the youngest, affordable and with a large FullView screen. Today we teach you some tricks and tips for this Huawei mobile in case you have it or plan to buy it.

Beyond its large screen and its striking price, the Huawei Y7 2018 is a phone that comes with a thirteen-megapixel camera with LED Flash and Faces Unlock technology in the front Camera that allows its use for facial recognition. We teach you some tricks for the Huawei Y7 2018.

How to take a quick photo

To take a photograph with the Huawei Y7 2018, you have to know what you want to take a photograph and double click on the volume down button. Automatically the Camera of the mobile phone will open, and a picture is made of what you are aiming at. To do this, go to Camera> Settings> Quick snapshot. There you can configure the command or disable it.

How To Block Numbers

To block a number on the Huawei phone, first unlock Huawei open the Manager application and the Blocked section. In that section, you will find the blocked numbers, but if you press on the upper right corner of the phone you will access the settings, and you can add numbers. Tap on “Blacklist of numbers”, click on “Add” and add any number you have in your mobile phonebook. That way, he can’t call you anymore.

Quick Access From Icons

Another thing that the phone allows is to quickly access it from the application icons, something common in Android Oreo. To test it, unlock phone, press and hold an icon on your phone’s screen, and a drop-down will open with different options depending on the application.