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Speed Reading: How a Simple Reading Course Can Transform Your English Skills

Reading courses are not popular amongst English students. But they should be. If English isn’t your native language, a reading course can help you prepare for various courses and tests. With enhanced reading skills, you can perform better in entrance exams or scholarship exams. Once you’re better at reading in English, your life improves in various ways. Firstly, you start thinking and communicating ideas in the language. Secondly, you get to go through English articles, books, etc., quicker. A fast reader is a fast learner. Taking a simple English reading course [คอร์ส reading, which is the term in Thai] can transform a student’s life. Here’s how.

Reading is Key to Honing Your Focus

A key part of reading English texts is learning how to stay focused. New and young students often struggle to read. These struggles transform into frustrations. A frustrated student is likelier to feel distracted compared to a satisfied student who understands what he/she is reading. In English reading courses, students learn how to avoid feeling frustrated and distracted while learning the language. Students learn simple tricks like using their hands as guides while reading English texts. Run your fingers over every English sentence you read. Consciously control the number of words your brain registers every minute. Pretty soon, your mind will be optimized to read and comprehend English words and sentences quicker than before.

Preparing for Exams

Taking an English reading course will also help you prepare better for various exams. Most international scholarship programs require students to have strong speed reading skills. Educators and employers know that people with strong reading skills can combine their language and cognitive capabilities. Such students are also likelier to read more, know more, and perform better in work or educational settings. A well-designed English reading course can transform the life of a non-native English student.