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Risks with epilepsy

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Why should Clonazepam 2mg (Galenika) 30 tabs be taken? Because it will reduce the risks caused by epilepsy. The dangers caused by epilepsy vary from one individual to the next. When you have good control of seizures, and staying safe might help in reducing the risks too.

Safety equipment and aids

Apart from the medications above and the precautions, the following safety equipment and aids might help you depending on your epilepsy level and type.

Seizure monitors and alarms

Some people prefer using an alarm, which typically gets set on whenever they have a seizure to ensure they get help. It might be helpful if you live alone or you have seizures at night. There are a variety of alarms for seizures. There are those which are set off when you fall off while having a seizure or you are in bed and having a tonic seizure.  There are those which you can set off on your own whenever you feel that you are about to have a seizure.

Safety helmets

They will help in protecting you from injuries in case the seizure causes you to fall suddenly. Some helmets have face guards to protect the face in case you fall forward.

Risk assessment

It can be necessary at work or school when it comes to leisure activities of a way of making the home to be safer. You could want to conduct a risk assessment on your own, or it can be done by an employer, a career, a social service worker, or an occupational worker for health.

A risk management assessment would include having to look at whether you encounter seizures or don’t, how the impact of the seizures on your life, and what the activity or environment is. It could include the following:

  • What sort of activity?
  • What risk to safety are there for whoever is doing the activity?
  • What is it concerning epilepsy that might put you or those around you at risk? It will depend on your type of seizures.
  • What can be done to make the activity safe?

With the management assessment, it could help with coming up with ideas that are practical to reduce the risks and make the situation a bit safe.

Is it possible for seizures to end up damaging the brain?

As you get older, some brain cells get damaged along the way. Whether it is seizures that will cause the damage of more brain cells has never been apparent.  It could depend on the length and type of seizure that a person is having.

There is a chance that your memory is likely going to be affected before and even after the seizure.  It could be due to the brain cells responsible for memory being sensitive because of the seizure effects.

The amount of time that it takes to be able to recover varies from one individual to the next. And even after you recover from a seizure entirely, there are chances that your memory might end up being permanently damaged.