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Perfect Lights with the Neon Technology

Neon technology is today a real revolution in the world of lighting. Through its efficiency and its various other advantages, it has democratized in all areas. The Neon lamp is now used both at home and in offices and workplaces.

The workshops have not remained on the sidelines of this revolution and are increasingly adopting this innovative and resolutely economical solution. Neon workshop lighting, in comparison with other lighting solutions used in the past, is much more beneficial. Neon workshop lighting has many economic advantages and offers a wide range of Neon luminaires. We find for example the Neon bell or Neon bowl, the Neon, the standard Neon strip, the waterproof strip and many other useful and efficient products. About this you can now get more info as you click in the link.

Neon workshop lighting, an innovative and efficient solution

Since the ban on incandescent lamps, workshop lighting was mainly provided by halogen bulbs and auxiliary strips. Today, the situation has changed. Neon workshop lighting has gained ground, and this is easily explained. Considering the limits of the old models of lamps, it is completely normal that the lighting of workshop Neon is acclaimed. It remedies the limits of excessive heating characteristic of these old lamps, even if this phenomenon is not annoying unduly when it comes to the ceiling light. Likewise, industrial Neon lighting is much more efficient in terms of brightness, an aspect on which the old bulbs had many faults.

Most of the time, the spotlight on these lamps had a dark area and produced little light. They emitted a light at the yellowish limit, close to the warm white of current LEDs, which is not suitable in the workshop, where the need for clarity and bright brightness is important. The power and brightness ratio was also very unsatisfactory. To these different limits, we must add the fact that the old lamps took a few seconds to light and a few minutes to reach the maximum level of brightness that characterizes them. Finally, they only lasted a year at most. In the best of cases, they were damaged at the start of their second year of use.

Lighting for every workplace in the industry

In order to allow professionals to work in adequate conditions, Neon workshop lighting is available in various options. It is therefore possible to choose industrial Neon lighting for a specific work area and to dedicate another for another area.

Ends of thirteen Neon tubes

For a workshop with a production hall, a rail system equipped with Neon spotlights for rail would be perfect. Other luminaires suitable for production halls: industrial bulbs and industrial suspensions of the Neon bell type. This type of workshop lighting allows a homogeneous distribution of the light, so that the workers have a good visibility, without being excessively dazzled by the light. When the production hall has several workstations, it is even recommended to choose an intelligent lighting management system. It will allow autonomous control of each work area.