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A careless appearance and loss of volume are unpleasant symptoms that owners of oily hair encounter. There are some tips that will help that significantly improve the situation.

Wash the head in the morning. As you know, the sebaceous glands work most actively at night, so the idea of washing your hair before bed does not suit owners of oily hair. Trichologists advise washing their hair from morning to lunch: hair will not lose freshness until evening.

Choose hair care carefully with Manhattan Barbers. One of the main mistakes of men is the incorrect selection of care products that can only aggravate the situation. Often we think that we have oily hair and buy products for this type but in reality it turns out that the problem lies in the oily scalp, and with shampoo you only aggravate the condition of the hair. If you can’t choose a suitable product on your own, do not hesitate to consult your master in the salon.

Rinse your head several times. Once you have found a dream remedy, you need to learn how to use it correctly. If you think that you can wash your hair at once, you are mistaken. The longer and thicker your hair, the more time you should spend on a washing ritual. If you do not pay enough attention to the hair, over time the pores that are not completely cleared will clog up and local inflammations can occur, as well as problems with the supply of nutrients to the hair follicle.

Nutrition is the key to healthy hair. “You are what you eat” – it is difficult to disagree with this expression. Constant fast foods, weakness to spicy and salty dishes lead to a deplorable state not only of hair, but of the whole organism. Instead of another portion of French fries, make a healthy salad with olive oil – after a couple of weeks of an adjusted diet you will notice positive changes.

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