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Odds, payouts, strategy and much more of winning a slot prize

When it comes to Pg slot auto especially for the progressive jackpots, odds of winning a million plus prize tend to vary depending on the game being played. With progressive that are networked, the odds have to be consistent regardless of what you choose as your casino of choice. Fairness being a top priority, it is hard for one site to offer more than the other. 

One thing that does not tend to affect the odds is the amount being used to wager. The higher denomination tends to provide a better chance slightly to hit your target. The actual odds of having to win are not promoted publicly by the providers of the slots.

What is the house edge?

You might be familiar with the payout percentage term or at times the house edge and what it means is the overall percentage that the casino tends to retain from the various series of bets. It is normally averaged out, having to factor in millions of spins, and slots that are typically claimed anywhere between 82% to about 98% being the payout percentage, which leaves the casino with about 18% to 2%.

The numbers will vary depending with the machine, the time and the provider. For most of the part, the jackpot progressives tend to provide a low percentage of payout to the players as the big top payout number needs to be one that is funded, plus the casino has to take it in. for most of the big names the casino can sign as high as 10% to 15%.

Who pays for the winnings?

The payouts which are very small are normally issued by i-casinos or casinos and also the lower level jackpots. Where the software company gets involved is with the bigger prize payouts especially with the linked progressives which are normally hosted in various locations.

Is the jackpot paid out all at once?

It all depends on the software provider and on the game, and the times and conditions of the casino. Generally, if the software company pays, it will pay everything at once. If it is the casino paying, it could give out on monthly withdrawals with limits which might extend the overall payment issuance by months or on worst scenario, years.

Is there is a strategy to better the odds for progressive games

There is no guarantee obviously but there are certain guarantees which make a difference which include:

  • Find a random jackpot game: If you are limited on the funds for betting and yet you want to play for big money prize, then you need to select games such as the Mega Moolah which has a setup of a random bonus. It is what means that, the bonus round is not triggered on the pay lines. It could be something that pops up at any given time.
  • Always bet for the maximum whenever the need arises: Although it is not something that applies across board, most of the progressive jackpot games tend to depend on a maximum wager.