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Know All About The Fine Dining Experiences With The Tanqueray Gin

A fine dining experience, it is said, is never complete unless there is a fine drink involved in the process. When cuisines around the world have been busy improvising their age old recipes and even bringing out newer culinary experiences in the process, there was a quiet and steady movement in the drinks department too. Alcoholic beverages which remains at the top of the list when it comes to the connoisseur’s choice of a drink, there are various blends and [airing of food with specific drinks brought about to provide that special taste at the dinner table.

What Is A Fine Gin Made Up Of

There are a wide range of popular alcoholic beverages from Whiskey to Vodka and then there is also the fine Gin. The most popular is the exquisite Tanqueray gin that is not only the finest but one of a kind as well. Compared to most brands of Gin, this is one that uses the wholesome citrusy goodness of Seville oranges apart from four herbaceous flavours of Juniper, coriander, angelica root and Liquorice. Though the actual recipes are trade secrets and are hardly known, there is popular theory that in some brands ingredients like black currants and vanilla too is used.

How To Enjoy A Sip Of A Fine Gin

The credit of creating a unique drink with then bold usage of fruits and herbs in it, goes to Charles Tanqueray. He created a special drink in the 1830s when he wanted to give Gin not just a distinguished flavour but also an identity of its own. Today this drink with his name stands for highest standards of quality and taste. Gin is very popular with some of the finest seafood in several parts of the world. It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with other drinks to make fine cocktails. There are some who like it with a few cubes of ice alone. It is believed to be very popular among the ladies because its light and free  from calories too.