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How To Prepare For A GED Exam

The general education degree, or GED, is a degree that you can receive your high school diploma instead. The degree shows that you have the necessary knowledge to pass from high school. Most places that require a high school diploma will also accept a GED for their needs. Without a GED, it is unlikely that you will be able to get a job that requires high school education. Even if you have to take the GED in an accredited test facility, you can study for the GED for free online. Below is a tip to help you Study GED(เรียน GED which is the term in thai).

  • Avoid Distractions

When you study, forget about smartphones and computers (with Facebook and the like). Try software that “blocks” chats and messages for a set time: for example, Cold Turkey for pc and Self-control for Mac.

  • Read With A High Voice

In this way, your brain records information in two ways, visual and auditory. Reading aloud also already prepares for the oral presentation, because as we read, we also listen to our tone of voice.

  • Handwritten

Taking notes with a pen or pencil, rather than a pc, is essential for remembering more.

  • Divide The Job Into Chapters

Studying a few data at a time, eventually checking what you remember, increases your storage capacity.

  • Test Yourself

Testing your knowledge immediately (by being asked by a friend or yours) strengthens your memorization skills.

  • Review Fast Before Going To Sleep

Research has shown that the brain enhances the information it has just received during sleep. But don’t study when you’re already in bed: stimulating brain activity before falling asleep compromises sleep.

  • The Tricks of the Sample: The Mental Maps

Who better than a memory sample can give useful advice to memorize? Memorizing can help you remember all that you have read but most times, it is better to understand what you have read before memorizing it.