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How To Pick The Best Blankets By Material?

BEST BLANKETS 2020 - Top Picks and Buying Guide

As winters are right around the corner, you must begin purchasing all the weather essentials. And what can be better than online blankets to start with? However, choosing a comfortable quilt on your excellent night’s sleep may not be as convenient as you think it is. You will have to go through various available materials and see which one fits best in your requirements. Only then can you make a perfect choice.

To make your task a little easier, we have brought here a small guide. It will assist you in picking the best quilt by material according to your preferences. So let’s begin!

#1 Wool

Wool has been known for years for providing the required warmth during the winters. It is one of the most preferred materials for blankets due to its various properties, such as proper insulation and temperature adaptability. With this, it offers you perfect comfort in all conditions. Apart from these benefits, wool is naturally fire-resistant, making it even more advantageous for the purpose.

#2 Cotton

If you often find yourself fighting with allergies, cotton will be the most appropriate fabric choice for your quilt. These variants can be washed, cleaned, and maintained conveniently. Therefore, you need not deal with dirt and dust-related problems. Plus, you get a chance to choose from different cotton weaves based on the exact temperature conditions in your region. In case you wish for a greener lifestyle, you can also go for organic cotton options. They will be as comfortable as the traditional cotton ones.

#3 Acrylic

The reason why acrylics make their place in the blankets’ world is due to their extensive warmth, exceptional lightweights, and hypoallergenic features. Just like cotton, you can easily wash and maintain these variants. Moreover, their colour remains intact even after multiple washes. These are also moth-resistant, making them even better than cotton. You can store them for an as long duration as you wish without worrying about the product getting spoilt.

#4 Fleece

Fleece is almost similar to woollen quilts as it contains all its features. However, it is a better choice for you if you can’t tolerate wool or are allergic to it. Being made from a synthetic fabric, it will easily fit into your needs. Plus, it is exceptionally light in weight as compared to woollen options. So you will get the most warmth, comfort, and dryness without any heavy burden on the body.

#5 Polyester

While all of the above blankets have their advantages, they may get out of budget for you. So, instead, you can choose a polyester material. It isn’t only affordable, but also long-lasting. Therefore, the overall cost of this option is much less in comparison to other ones. You can also pick a polyester blend with other materials to incorporate various other properties, such as softness, durability, etc.


All in all, each of these blankets has something you can benefit from. You will have to look into your surroundings’ temperature and your requirements to find the most suitable variant. Thus, you won’t end up wasting your money, efforts, or time.