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How To Make Your Professional Portrait Photos Yourself?

Every entrepreneur goes through the connected world to create visibility. The most viewed and impacting profiles or profiles on social networks have a photo.

Overloaded background, inadequate posture, it is not always easy to take a good professional portrait photo.

What Is A Good Portrait Photo?

A good portrait photo is a “posed” photo. Even if it is caught in improvisation, there is an intention. So, take yourself seriously.

A good professional portrait, which we will use on social networks or to present ourselves (in our CVs), must emit benevolence and therefore open-mindedness. When a person goes to consult your profile, it is because they will have found, in advance, a particular and certain interest in your photo.

A few rules must be observed so that your photo is professional and makes you want to consult your profile from https://gotoandlearn.com.

How To Take A Good Portrait?

  • Prepare yourselves
  • Your environment
  • Avoid overly crowded spaces. Favor a white wall with photo frames or paintings. Do not do them in your kitchen or the living room.
  • Remember that the goal of your photo is “you” and your “face”.


  • Dress appropriately for the environment in which you operate.
  • Do Your Hair. (Passing a hand through your hair is not styling your hair).
  • Don’t forget the makeup. Gentlemen even a small powder to avoid shine is necessary. Ladies, don’t load the makeup. Bring out your eyes, standardize your complexion and make your lips slightly more rosy than natural.

Position Yourself

  • For the photo to be professional, there are two (the photographer and the model). Forget the self-timer and the pictures taken at arm’s length.

Your Hands

  • Lean on a chair to occupy your hands and so that you appear less embarrassed.

Your Look

  • Set the goal by projecting yourself as if you were in an interview or a business meeting.

Your Posture

  • In a conversation, the words you will exchange have only 7% of convincing power, while nonverbal language (visual and tone) represents 93% of communication.
  • So, stand straight and slightly forward to give the effect of benevolence.

Little Tip For You Ladies: gently enhance your face to emphasize its features.

To give a slightly more dynamic image, turn 3/4, always leaning slightly towards your interlocutor. You will show that you are open to discussion (girls, don’t forget to put your face forward).