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how to care for comb in Brooklyn

You have time to choose the right massage brushes and flat combs. Now the moment has come to learn how to properly care for combs so that they serve you for a long time, as well as how to get rid of everything that masses on the comb every time you come do not want to visit Barbers in Brooklyn Barbershop.

Your hair accessories are places of true germs and dust collectors. It’s all about your combs. Very often they contain a variety of contaminants and the remnants of your hair styling products. The situation is aggravated if one comb has several owners.

Look for possible wounds on your scalp. There is no need to worry, however, this means that many more bacteria and germs will be collected on your combs.

It is very important to wash the comb regularly. How often you care for your combs depends on how often you use them.

Usually a flat comb is used every day; you comb or untangle your hair with it. A round comb is usually used during styling. A comb with a long sharp handle is usually needed exclusively after washing your hair, when you need to untangle your hair.

You can wash your comb either once a week or once every two weeks.

No matter what material your combs are made of, ceramic or plastic, rinse them in water with the addition of an antimicrobial agent to disinfect them well. Then dry the comb.

Cleaning any comb should begin with the removal of hairs that have accumulated on it during the entire time of use. After this procedure, it will be much easier for you to wash the comb.

After that, use soap or soap solution in which you need to wash a hairbrush. Rinse it well in clean water. Dry the comb with a hairdryer, but do not touch the cloves with it.

In order to get rid of the hairs stuck between the cloves of your massage, use a comb. Then rinse both combs thoroughly! It is not necessary at all to wait for the next washing of your combs to remove the accumulated hair from them. Do not forget to perform this simple procedure after each combing.

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