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Handy Explores the Creepiest Places Found on Google Earth


Google Maps has really changed our lives in more ways than one and has paved the way for numerous delivery and ride-hailing services. According to Handy, Google Earth is an even better invention since it allows us to explore our planet for free and lets anyone have a glimpse of a location thousands of miles away or hundreds of feet deep inside the ocean. However, that also brings many creepy locations to light and here’s a few of them:

The Places

  1. Extremely Large Disfigured Bunny – Imagine you are rotating the planet on Google Earth and you zoom in to come across a gigantic pink bunny. Worse, the bunny is disfigured and raises even more questions than before. You can find this bunny in Northern Italy with an out of shape face and a permanent scream plastered over it. You would be spooked out and conclude that there is a major glitch on your browser or phone, or it really exists. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, it is the latter in this case and the bunny is an actual art installation that is supposed to be a hangout spot for passing tourists. Up close, the bunny broadens your perception of size and makes you feel really small. However, from a bird eye view, it looks like the beginning of a terrifying horror movie. 

  1. Underwater Pyramids – If you are flying over the Bahamas on Google Earth and decide to take a dive in its beautiful blue ocean you may come across what appears to be underwater pyramids. Conspiracy theorists of various genres have connected it to the cause of their liking. Some believe it to be evidence of alien life, while others believe it to be the lost mythical city of Atlantis. Some “experts” even want to dub it as an architectural relic of an ancient civilization. Unfortunately, we may never know.
  2. Nogoro – If you are browsing through the landscape of Japan in your darkroom you should hope to not come across the village of Nogoro. From afar, it appears to be a beautiful and thinly populated traditional Japanese village with people doing their casual work around town. 

However, if you decide to hit the scroll wheel and zoom in you would be spooked out to find out they are all lifeless dolls. Most residents have left the village and went to the cities in search of opportunities. However, AyanoTsukumi likes to make these dolls and set them in different parts of the town as a tribute to the departed. 

  1. Abandoned Gas Masks – If you visit the city of Pripyat in Google Earth you are doing it at your own risk since the city is filled with remnants of one of the worst nuclear disasters known to mankind. One of them, in particular, is really creepy with abandoned masks filling up the whole room.


Handy believes that creepy sights can be found anywhere and everywhere. However, you should refrain from actively looking for them if you have a frail heart. On the other hand, if you love mysteries and exploration there is nothing better.