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CNC machine a multi-purpose machine:

A machine that can do a lot of operations is cnc. CNC stands for computer numerical control and it can do 3D prints, wire bending, embroidery, turret punctures, foam cutting, glass cutting, and many more. It is first programmed on the software then the material is placed inside the CNC machine. And, then the machine starts doing the work. After the completion of work, one can find the perfect product that they have built-in the software. The work will be done very neatly and sharply. And, with precise accuracy. So, there will not be any kind of doubt that the work is incomplete or something.

With the help of the CNC machine, the production rate has increased. Suppose the production rate in a gear manufacturing company was 150 per hour. Then after the implementation of the CNC machine the production rate increases to 210- 215. A large difference can be seen by the statics. One can also check the records of the company to confirm the production rate.

Different types of CNC machines

CNC machines have mainly 5 types

  • CNC mills- It consists of three-axis system X, Y, and Z. First, do the programming to perform the task.
  • Lathe machine- Various types of operation can be done on it.
  • Plasma cutter- It uses a plasma torch to cut the material.
  • Electric discharge machine- It uses the flushing process. In which electrodes remove the unwanted part of the material. And, mold them in the work.
  • Water jet cutters- water jet cutters use strong water spray to cut the material. And, then removes the unnecessary parts which are not required.

New CNC machines have also come in the market

New CNC machines have come in the market and these are more advanced than the previous ones. They have a glass frame and can cut better than the older CNC machines. And, there is a small increment in the price which will not cost a bomb on the pocket.