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Champions To Climb Elo Effortlessly In Mid

Did you know that you can climb division effortlessly playing easy champions? Some pros have already done it, why don’t you propose it? You don’t need to play super complicated characters to be good and win more games.

Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a good mid-laner, today, I will reveal some champions to you so that you win your games effortlessly so that later, you can burst with more complex champions.

  1. Malzahar, The God OfAfk Farm

We all know this champion affair. When it’s your turn to face him from the other side, you don’t know very well what to do, since his passive prevents you from easily starting him and you know that if you’re going to throw yourself, he will throw the shit out of sickness with his ultimate and he will put thin.

From Malzahar’s point of view, this champion is super simple to play. It is that you almost do not have to press buttons, because you take out a couple of cockroaches, you put cancer, and they already do everything for you.

  1. Annie, Goddess OfFLASH = KILL

We all know Annie’s mechanics, it’s always the same, flash + ulti + ignite and pum, a death, and if you get close, you don’t even need the flash.Farming with this champion is simple thanks to his q, who is not going to consume the mana, so you have no excuse to not reach a minimum of 150 minutes in the 20th minute.

  1. Darth Vader

It is certain that more than once, you have faced this character, and he has busted you. The question is, why don’t you take advantage and burst with it?

Usually, the most disgusting champions tend to give us (but that are easy) are the ones that we get the best results since we get involved with them in such a way that we learn to manage them to see how they break us. However, you can boost your gaming experience with https://elo-boosters.com/.