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5 Facts About Waterhog Floor Mats

Waterhog is a well-known brand in the mat business. Waterhog matting is extremely popular among residential and commercial matting customers. Waterhog floor mats come in a wide range of styles. Waterhog entrance or entry mats are available from Ultimate Mats and are intended for placement on your entryway. These mats are primarily used to collect dirt, mud, trash, and wetness from people’s shoes when they enter the home from the outside. Waterhog interior mats are also available for installation anyplace in the home. These mats protect the flooring while also decorating the house and making it more pleasant and inviting. Waterhog external masts may be installed on sidewalks and stairwells. Some of these outdoor mats are heated, which means they may melt snow during the winter months. Waterhog Fashion entrance mats are personalized with a business’s brand name or logo to advertise and market its products. Waterhog logo mats may be put in any vital location, including the entrance, reception, elevators, and commercial building hallways. Today you will learn five crucial facts regarding Waterhog floor mats.

They Are Constructed Of Thermoplastic Polymers

The majority of Waterhog floor mats are constructed of high-quality thermostatic polymers. Some are polyethylene, while others are polypropylene. These are the world’s two most regularly used plastic polymers, and they are extremely strong and long-lasting. These thermoplastic polymers are extremely stain-resistant and simple to clean.

They Have Sturdy Rubber Bottoms

The majority of Waterhog floor mats have a reinforced bi-level rubber backing that is resistant to curling and breaking in all-weather situations. Depending on the type of your flooring, you should always select the proper support. For carpeted floors, there is a cleated backing, and for hard floor surfaces such as vinyl, asphalt, wood, concrete, marble, linoleum, tile, and terrazzo, there is a smooth backing. Anchor Safe backing is available on several Waterhog floor mats for ultimate movement control in high-danger situations.

Have A One-Of-A-Kind “Water Dam” Border

The unique “water dam” border of all Waterhog mats allows the mats to hold up to one and a half gallons of water per square yard. This amount of water is held by the mat whether it be rain, sleet, hail, or snow. This border also keeps dirt and wetness on the mat.

They Are Quite Efficient

Waterhog floor mats have several purposes. They offer all of the standard mat functions and more. Waterhog mats, for example, are excellent for removing mud, filth, and moisture from shoes. The mats are also quite good at assuring floor safety on damp, slick surfaces. They feature specifically constructed backings that improve grip on the floor and prevent you from slipping and falling when walking on the mat.

A Wide Range Of Choices

Waterhog mats are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and surface patterns. Depending on your matting requirements, you can pick any mat. You may also have bespoke Waterhog mats manufactured with your company’s logo printed on the front. There are several options.