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3 Perks That Make Wand Vibrators Cool

Forget about the guaranteed orgasms you’ve been told about. Just to be clear, wand vibrators are cool. Yes, they guarantee orgasms. But there’s much more into the sex toys than the big O factor. Truth is, they come along with a wide range of perks. That is in fact, why they are now extremely popular. To put this into perspective, nearly all online beauty stores now sell or already have sex toys and their accessories in their plans. Keep in mind too that men and women can use wand vibrators. Here’s a brief list of 3 amazing wand vibrator perks you may not have thought about yet.

They Are Not All about Solo Play

What was going on in your mind the first time you bought or thought of buying your sexy magic wand? There’s a high likelihood you bought it for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that. Has it ever occurred to you though that vibrators aren’t really entirely designed for solo use? You can (and you really should) introduce it to bed the next time you’re having sex. You can use it to stroke your clitoris as your partner shafts you. This will make it easy for you to have an intense orgasm. The wand will stroke and arouse your clit. His penis on the other hand will hit stimulate the g-spot. Keep in mind that missionary style isn’t the best position if you intend to use wand as you’re having sex.

They Make It Easy To Explore

You’re probably convinced that as far as your body and sex are concerned, you’ve got everything figured out. You could be wrong as is often the case with so many people. Your body has several erogenous zones. You may have discovered just a handful. What happens to the other unexplored and undiscovered territory? Well, think of the areas as your unchartered territory. They’re yours to conquer. Once you have your wand, take time to try it on different parts of your body. This won’t just arouse and make you wet. It’ll also go a long way to help you discover all the sweet and weak spots you may never have thought of before.


You already know about it. You can’t carry his penis around. You can however, carry the wand vibrator with you whenever you go. As long as it is fully charged or there’s power wherever you’re going, then there’s no reason why you should leave it behind….and yeah, the vibrators are also awesome birthday gifts just in case you were wondering.