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The Top 5 Myths About Condoms

It’s crucial to bring up contraception when you start having sexual relations, whether it’s with a new partner or for the first time ever. Male condoms are one of the most widely used (and accessible) forms of birth control after the birth control pill. Condoms are available for purchase at any pharmacy and are even provided without charge at family planning and other medical clinics.

Unfortunately, there are many myths about condoms that discourage individuals from using them, despite the fact that they are 98% efficient at preventing unintended pregnancy and many STIs. Let’s dispel some of the most pervasive myths about condoms so you can make an informed choice for your sexual and reproductive health.

Myth 1: Using a condom makes sex less enjoyable

You may have heard some men or even women say that using a condom makes sex not feel as nice. The truth is that both of you will find having sex more delightful if you know you’re protected against STIs and unintended pregnancy. If you or your partner experience any discomfort during sex while using a condom, it’s either because the condom is too small, you’re wearing it incorrectly, or you need more lubrication.

Myth #2: One size fits all condoms

Speaking of size, there is some misunderstanding about the appropriate and available condom sizes. Due to the fact that not all penises are the same size, some condoms may be too tight or too loose. Don’t let anyone tell you that your penis is too big to wear a condom; standard latex condoms can stretch to accommodate any penis. If your companion is particularly endowed, a standard-sized condom might fit yet feel unpleasant. A condom is more likely to break if it is excessively tight. If so, you should find out which size and brand will fit their measurements the best. And that’s where we debunk the second myth about condoms!

Myth #3: Using two condoms will increase your protection.

Some individuals erroneously believe that using two condoms provides an additional defence against unintended pregnancy and STIs. When you stack two condoms, the friction between them increases the chance that one or both will tear. This is true for both a male and a female condom as well as two male condoms. You only need one condom.

Myth #4: Condoms don’t offer complete STI protection.

Although substantial scientific research has shown that condoms significantly lower your risk for spreading and developing all types of STIs and STDs, it is true that condoms are not 100% effective at STI prevention (like any contraceptive strategy, there is always space for error). They serve as a barrier for STIs such chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV that are transmitted through genital fluids. Condoms are less protective for STIs including herpes, HPV, and genital warts that spread through skin-to-skin contact, but they still lower the chance of transmission by covering the affected area.

Myth #5: You don’t need to use lube with condoms

Most condoms are advertised as being pre-lubed, it never hurts to add a little bit more! Using lube can prevent condom breakage, increase pleasure, and decrease discomfort. So while it isn’t required we highly recommend it. You can also try a variety of flavored lubes, or even sensation based Hot or Cold Lubes like these ones from Skore. A pro-tip is to avoid using oil-based or silicone based lubes with latex condoms, as oil can break down the latex leading to tears, or breaks, and we definitely wouldn’t want that to happen.

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