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The Perfect Options with the Combination garden Room

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In wood, metal or resin, in a traditional or contemporary style, combination garden rooms are practical for storing garden furniture, equipment or tools. From a simple storage shed to a habitable combination garden room, they are assembled in record time and blend perfectly into the landscape. Here is how to choose the combination garden room that fits your project. The click here is the best option there.

A combination garden room for what purpose

A combination garden room meets a specific need. The choice of model and size depends on the use for which it is intended. To make the right choice, you should take stock of the use you will have of your combination garden room:

  • Acombination garden room to store the mower, but also table, chairs, parasol, bikes;
  • A place where you can tinker, garden, or store DIY and gardening tools;
  • A summer kitchen, a playroom for children;
  • A habitable garden chalet for passing friends;
  • A room of life usable in any season.

Define the important characteristics of the combination garden room

Depending on the function envisaged, it is possible to refine your choice with key characteristics:

  • The space necessary to install storage space as well as the essential height under the ridge which will allow you to circulate without any problem.
  • The choice of ground anchor, floor, roof, doors, windows and glazing to benefit from a shed, an easy-going workshop or a comfortable bedroom.
  • The materials those are important in terms of insulation, aesthetics, keeping in time and maintenance.
  • The guarantees vary from 2 to 10 years depending on the material and the quality of design.

Choosing the size of your combination garden room

To choose the right area, you just need to know the meaning of the following terms:

  • The useful surface or interior dimension corresponds to the space actually usable for storage.
  • The external surface or external dimension is equivalent to the largest dimension outside the walls of the ground shelter.
  • The overall surface is equal to the total surface of the chalet. It takes into account the overhang of the roof relative to the walls of the shelter that is to say the maximum size of the shelter.

Area advised according to use

Combination garden rooms fall into several categories depending on their area. These are useful areas:

  • An area of ​​less than 5 m² is ideal for storing garden tools, cleaning products, bikes and the lawn mower.
  • Discover the selection of combination garden rooms with an area of ​​less than 5 m²
  • A surface of 5 to 10 m² is perfect for storing garden tools, the lawn mower, bikes and garden furniture. It can also accommodate large storage spaces and even transform into a workshop.
  • Discover the selection of combination garden rooms with a surface between 5 and 10 m²
  • An area of ​​10 to 20 m² is perfectly suitable for storing an additional tractor. The shelter can also become a convertible chalet or a seasonal annex.
  • Discover the selection of combination garden rooms with a surface between 10 and 20 m²

Above 20 m², the combination garden room offers a comfortable living space whose structure must be thick enough up to 44 mm for maximum comfort. It is possible to make a DIY workshop, a games room, a summer kitchen or a guest bedroom.

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