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The 3 Fundamentals For A Better Brand Presence

How to ensure and optimize your brand presence in the digital landscape? Take stock of our 3 strategic fundamentals, which are essential for your visibility and ROI. Today, brand identity and presence are played out on the digital stage. Smart Insights, however, estimates that 49% of companies still do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. There is a strong temptation to move on to tactical planning immediately. But as for traditional marketing, good digital visibility and a good brand presence are necessary to pool its efforts and increase its success across all channels.

Cross-Platform Consistency

The list of media supports continues to grow: desktop, mobile, applications, videos, social media, virtual reality, etc. Establishing a universally recognizable brand identity and presence across all digital channels is a must—to create a relationship with its target audience, regardless of its method of interaction. Your brand should maintain a consistent look across all channels, and its messages should be up-to-date everywhere simultaneously. There’s nothing more off-putting to a potential buyer than not knowing what the most up-to-date information about your service offering or products is.

Some tracks:

  • Develop brand guidelines, editorial, and graphic charter
  • Create a checklist of all digital profiles and pages for updates
  • Appoint a dedicated person responsible for the multi-channel coordination of your messages

The Digital Watch

Your brand maintained by https://promorepublic.com/en/ for example presence is constant in the digital landscape. There are always users and competitors to see you. A blessing? Not necessarily! You’re always in the limelight, but the eyes are constantly on you, even when you’re not there. A reality considerably reduces your room for error: a typo, a broken link, and your brand integrity suffers. But this permanent digital watch can also work to your advantage. Take the opportunity to conduct audits, identify references in good practices, and find inspiration in your sector of activity.

Interactive Animation

Who says multiplication of digital channels also says moving brand image? Today, static visuals often turn out to be obsolete and ineffective. The trend is towards digital fluidity, videos, animations, gamification, and motion design. Essentials for your brand presence, not only to attract attention but also to play on the effects of repetition as part of a memorable marketing strategy. To succeed with your interactive devices, always pay attention to two things: add value to the user experience and increase the clarity of your message. With this interactive content, your users have an enriching experience while subconsciously absorbing your brand messages and key points.