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Shoulder Holsters – Modern Fashion Equipment For Gun lovers

Leather is the only material that protects a weapon for a long time. Several famous companies have made shoulder holsters with the help of updated technologies. If you want a long-term facility, you should buy leather shoulder holsters because leather is a durable material. People loved to use holsters long ago. Now, the designs are changed and modified with time. Professional shooters are associated with famous holsters making companies judge the quality of leather materials.

There are four materials: Nylon, Kydex, Plastic, and Leather that are used as holsters. But the longevity of leather is much higher than the rest.

Benefits of shoulder holsters

The most important thing is the right timing. The real goal is to turn the hand at the right time, and shoot the gun out of the holster. No need to be afraid of this. The shoulder holster is very user-friendly.

Shoulder holsters can be used while driving. It is easy to unzip the holster with the hand opposite to where the holster is. Mostly small guns are used in this case.

When you carry a shoulder holster, you should wear slim fit clothes as the holster needs to be stuck to the body. However, you can wear a hunter jacket or a leather jacket.

Why has Kirkpatrick Leather Company been famous for 70 years?

If you want high-quality and comfortable shoulder holsters then Kirkpatrick is the only company you can trust. Every material is a customized product designed by a prominent artist. The Detective carry model is their best-selling product. It comes with a soft leather harness that is simply straightforward. You will be impressed by the product if you want to carry a stylish model. They use high-quality 8-ounce cowhide leather for shoulder holsters.

You can keep the pistol holster vertically or horizontally. Vertical-style shoulder holsters are mainly used for small shooting weapons.

How did Kirkpatrick make the holsters?

At first, the designers cut the best part of the leather. After that, they hand dye the products to ensure a rich color. The stitches are made with seven cord bonded nylon thread to make them attractive. Each holster becomes perfect by hand molding, and the edges look glossy by hand burnishing. It restricts moisture from entering the edges. Lastly, they are polished with the finest coating materials to protect the hand-burnished finishing. It will secure your firearm years after years.


Online shopping is a trend nowadays. Everything from clothes to shoes, we can buy online using any device. You can buy your favorite leather shoulder holster any time with the help of the internet. Kirkpatrick Leather Company can deliver customized shoulder holsters to you. You can get compatible and accessible holsters at a competitive rate.

Please do not compare the three-penny plastic holsters with high-quality shoulder holsters. Kirkpatrick uses soft leather materials and hand finish interior that makes the product attractive and demanding. The high-quality stitches give a compact design. So, if you need a long-lasting holster, close your eyes and choose a leather product.