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SEO With Video Optimization

Videos communicate more to individuals than texts and images. To position yourself in marketing, the video format can be your best ally since it facilitates SEO above the image. In this article, we shall deliberate on some tips to help you do this just like in the SEO Bangkok.

  • Short and clear title.
  • Optimize metadata: perform keyword research and enter the most relevant keywords in the description and title.
  • It includes a CTA in the first lines of the description.
  • A trick for experts: include subtitles or transcribe the video to use the keywords.
  • Add links to your website and your social networks.
  • Take advantage of tags or labels with longtails.

Generating Engagement With Video Marketing

It is possible to build customer loyalty through a strategy of satisfying videos. This type of content creates dopamine in the brain and makes it addictive, so if you offer your target several doses, they will return to your website in search of more. This technique should be mixed with longer videos that are intended to inform and not cause emotions. All this mixed with the proper B2C communication will achieve the coveted Outreach Marketing. An excellent way to approach your target will be through experiential marketing. If in your videos users appear with a profile similar to your destination testing your products or exposing their emotions to these satisfactory experiences, you will have gained a plus in reliability. Loyalty is probably the most challenging step to achieve. After attracting users to your brand, use video marketing to hook them to your new and quality content.

The main idea in the satisfying videos behind a marketing campaign is radically opposed to product recordings. In the latter, the objective is to address the advantages of a particular service informatively or to convince the audience. In the first, a second function will be clarified. For example, if you sell home furniture, in the beginning, you will place these elements in different areas of a house, or you will refer to the ergonomics of the materials. In the satisfying videos, it is about doing something original with one of the products, without getting too far away from its primary function.

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