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Reasons Why UAE Vehicle Owners Should Invest in Atturo Tyres


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Offering rugged performance, Atturo Tyres is a popular choice among SUVs, crossover, and trucks owners. Meeting the needs of vehicle owners in Dubai and other parts of the UAE, Atturo is perfect for city driving as well as trails. Gearing up for your next adventure? Atturo’s diverse range offers everything from high performance tires to off-road options. Looking for more reasons that make Atturo brand stand out among the rest? Read on

Cutting-Edge Design Features  

Appearance in tyres matters as it finishes the look of a vehicle. Every driver wants a tyre that not only goes the distance on a trail but also looks good while doing it. The Trail Blade series by Atturo has earned it a huge popularity, especially its sidewall pattern that is inspired by the blades of Quartermaster Knives. Hailed as a cutting-edge design, its unique tread block feature cuts through all types of terrains. 

Durability and solid road grip are among Atturo Tires design features. Passionate drivers want a long-lasting design that is tough and survives impact against rough road conditions. Atturo has built its reputation with a solid internal tire structure that allows increased load capacity and protection against rugged surfaces.  

Delivering Solid Multi-Terrain Performance

Atturo Tyres feature a deep tread for ultimate off-road adventures. Catering to both all-terrain and mud terrain, Atturo’s Trail Blade BOSS is designed for heavy duty usage. Providing superior grip across all terrains, its smaller center tread blocks ensure stability against high abrasion abuse of gravel and rocks. For drivers exploring the urban landscape, Atturo’s Trail Blade Tire is the perfect option. 

Built For Urban Environment 

Besides providing off-road versatility, Trail Blade’s X/T range is also in sync with on-road driving style. Its smaller center tread blocks result in reduced noise and improved wet traction. The inside shoulders feature finely sliced blocks that allow water to flow out of the contact area. Its modestly angled shoulder ensures smooth handling and good road handling. Trail Blade X/T is available in different sizes for all kinds of vehicles. 

Ensuring Outstanding Durability

Built for tough and aggressive road conditions, Atturo Tyres meet all the demands of off-road tyre segments. Atturo has tested its products on various surfaces by participating in racing competitions and enduring desert conditions. Besides excelling in stylish designs, the brand has four lateral grooves that protect against abrasions and cuts. Its 3-Ply Sidewall adds to strength and offers durability both off and on-road. The tyres’ rim guard gives additional protection against curb damage. If you buy from authorized Atturo Tyres suppliers like the Dubai Tyre Shop, you can also avail warranty and rest assured that you will get genuine product. 

Affordability and Added Value 

Atturo has positioned itself in the UAE market as an affordable and high-quality product. Offering premium quality designs at a mid-range price, Atturo comes under cheap tyres Dubai category. Offering great value to the customers, Atturo Tyres pack high performance, terrain versatility, durability, and cutting-edge design all into one. Next time you want to shop for new tyres make sure to visit Dubai Tyre Shop, a trusted online tyre-buying platform that delivers all across the UAE. Authorized dealers of the top tire brands, the online shop offers premium services and market competitive rates.