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Kitchen lighting: inspirations to enhance the environment

Kitchen lighting is a very important aspect of the project. So, before you start planning the ideal type for your kitchen, check out the following kitchen lighting ideas to make the right choice. See also inspirations and tutorials that will help you with the ideal lighting.

Define the type of lighting

For those looking for practicality, the best option is cold light. Besides being economical, it facilitates routine and leaves the environment well lit. Warm light is recommended for those seeking comfort and coziness, such as in American kitchens or environments used for quicker meals.

Distribute the lighting points

The lighting points should be distributed in such a way that the entire kitchen is fully lit. Areas such as countertops, sink and stove should have stronger lighting, while weaker light should be used in the circulation and food areas, creating a cozier environment.

Bet on natural light

Before choosing the type of artificial lighting you will use, understand how natural lighting impacts the environment and make good use of it. Design kitchen lighting through Foyr Neo 3D design app. Besides savings, you also ensure a more airy and ventilated environment.

Invest in recessed lighting

It is a great option for those who want a modern lighting and, to top it off, still avoid shadows. Spotlights and recessed lamps are the most suitable models for this use. Lighting needs to be thought of for each type of kitchen. Therefore, assess your need before choosing the ideal solution for your project.

Use light rails

Light rails are perfect for those who want a more modern, industrial-looking environment. They ensure more targeted lighting and are attached to the kitchen ceiling, and can have their spots directed in different directions.

Diversify with LED strips

LED strips are a great alternative for lighting countertops, shelves and cabinets. Besides being visually stunning, they are functional as they help to light up spaces with smaller reach. It is important that pendants are proportionate to the size of the kitchen. The size of the bench or table is a good reference.

Cabinet, shelves, countertop and hood lighting

Focusing on decoration is a way of using kitchen lighting in favor of the style of the space. This type of lighting can result in a very interesting light play. A good example is LED strips that can be installed at the bottom of shelves, cabinets and countertops. The spots can also be installed for this purpose. The hood is another area of ​​the kitchen where this type of lighting works well, as directed light can help when cooking. Lighting an area set aside for spices, for example, and other decorative objects is also a good idea.

Intensity Controls

The dimmers control the intensity of light and are good allies to make a warmer and intimate when necessary and even to save power. As in other rooms, it can be interesting to install these switches in the kitchen as well. Many kitchens are integrated with the living room. A tip to better separate the environments is the installation of pendants on the meal counter. These luminaries are decorative trends and will add a touch of style to your kitchen.