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How will you know that it’s the best time for you to play slots?


There are many tips and strategies for playing Judi Bola slots. There are also myths and theories about what a perfect slot is. What many slot players should know is that the best slot is that one with the highest RTP. RTP simply means the return to player percentage. This is a term that is used in describing the percentage of wagered money that returns to the slot player or invested money. A great RTP is always around 92% to 97% percent. You can never find a perfect machine. Having that RTP percentage doesn’t mean that you have an automatic win every time you spin. It simply means that your chances of winning are high with the highest RTP. As a slot machine player, you should know that not all times are perfect for playing slot machines. Some times are good for the game and times that you should never even think of playing slots. So, what is the perfect time to play slots?

Playing when the jackpot is already big

As a slot machine lover, you should tend to play Agen slot machines only when the jackpot is big. This is because the progressive jackpot is known to occur randomly after every spin. Every time you bet, the portion that you add will increase the size of the progressive jackpot. The more a progressive jackpot remains unwon the more it will become bigger.  When the jackpot is big, the probability of winning when you spin is high. Normally, after a lucky winner has won the jackpot, the slot amount will be reset to its initial limit or the lowest limit. When people play, the amount will start building up again. If you have intentions of winning, it is important to know that you can never win at slots machines jackpot when its jackpot is at the lowest limit. That is why you should play when the jackpot is big. 

Play when you are feeling lucky

If you care much about winning at Situs Judi slot, you should play when you are sober. Because slot machines are a game of chance and luck, not even the RTP of a slot will be guaranteed a direct win. Therefore, it can be important if you played slots according to how you feel. If you feel lucky, you should go ahead and play slots. There won’t be hidden clues or hint to inform you when the jackpot winner will be announced but having that feeling can be an indicator that it is your turn to try out your luck. 

Good moods

It’s with no doubt that gamblers are people who are more superstitious in the world. There are so many things that they do to make sure that they are lucky enough to win at slots. The truth of the matter is that; it is very important to only play slots when you are in a good mood.

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