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How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages Remotely

Texting has become a very popular mode of communication, especially for women. It is true that text messages exchanged via social media have come to reduce the frequency of text messages exchanged, but the fact remains that they keep a place of choice in our habits. This is how, without necessarily realizing it, we exchange everything through this channel, even the most confidential information.

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Spy on a smartphone

It can therefore be very useful to know the content of these SMS. In a couple, often out of jealousy, or lack of confidence, following a past case of infidelity, you are consumed by the desire to know what your wife is exchanging by messages with her correspondents. We will therefore explain how to spy on a phone , and this in all discretion. You can Read text messages by JJSPY now.

Use Spyware

Spyware is software that allows you to copy and transfer the entire contents of a phone remotely , and in absolute discretion. Once the copy is made, it is automatically sent to your account, via a completely secure connection, excluding any risk of leakage. Among the data copied, we can cite the call history, the multimedia content (photos and videos), the directory, the calendar, the notebook, the texts exchanged in social media, and of course, what interests us. in the context of this article, SMS.

  • Some of these software offer additional functionalities such as geolocation and recording of remote calls
  • Here are some of the reasons why these software have a very solid rating among users
  • Some of them are hidden in the target phone’s operating system, which makes them completely undetectable
  • These software work remotely, this contributes to their charm
  • These software automatically and instantly record all videos, photos, texts, SMS and calls
  • Any deleted data will still be saved

With JJSPY, spying on a phone will become child’s play for you. Indeed, mSpy has been the best spyware for years. It sits at the top of the ranking thanks to its many additional features, but also thanks to its pricing flexibility and efficient customer service.

Use a SIM card reader

The SIM card reader is a computer tool, similar to a USB key. It will allow you to make a full copy of all the contents of the SIM card of the targeted device. The data that will be copied will be the contacts and SMS sent and received.

The disadvantage of this method is that it conditions your time because you have to wait for the person to leave their phone unattended.

smartphone spy software

Once you have the phone, you will need to turn it off and remove the SIM card. Then, you will need to insert the said SIM into your SIM reader and make a copy of it. You can then store it in a USB key, or in a computer to consult it whenever you want.

To conclude

Reading SMS messages from a distance and spying on a phone no longer holds any secrets for you. The use of mobile spy software and mainly that of mSpy software turns out to be the best choice, the least stressful and the most effective. Concerning ethics, it is up to everyone to think about it before carrying out this type of technique.

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