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How to design a t-shirt like a pro?

Want to design a t-shirt like a pro, then you are the right place. Designing a t-shirt may be an exhausting task because you need to serve all your energy and creativity towards it. T-shirts look best when they are creative and attractive. The purpose of designing a t-shirt includes many things. You can design a t-shirt to showcase your creativity skills. Moreover, t-shirt designing is also done to create awareness in the society. You can even promote an event through the design of t-shirt. You can start t-shirt designing by gathering ideas and once you are done with it. It’s time to head over to Photoshop to start designing. While designing make sure that you utilize plain area on the t-shirt. In this way you can take full advantage to show your creativity. Moving ahead selection of colors is necessary as well. Make sure to select those sets of colors which match with your t-shirt ones. For example, if you are looking to design a polo shirt. Then make sure that your polo shirts design look attractive and eye-catching. This can be done through applying above techniques.

How do you embroider on a polo shirt?

If you are looking to design something innovative then embroider on a polo shirt is a great idea for you. First of all, you need to select the design you want to embroider on your shirt and then print it through a software. Afterwards, select the area you want to have the embroidery on. Place the template on the desired area and spray cut away stabilizer on it. Press the t-shirt firmly under weight so that template get perfectly placed on it. Then through a machine embroider the template.

What makes a good t-shirt design?

To create more innovative designs on a t-shirt make sure that you have choose the right set of color on it. Furthermore the design of the t-shirt should be simple but yet attractive. Lastly, select a good printer to print designs on your t-shirt.