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How to Choose the Most Economical Hosting Plan in India?

Choosing the right and the most economical hosting plan is important for every business, especially the new ones. What is required is to compare the various available plans in terms of the services and support provided by them and not merely the price being charged.

Here we discuss some tips to help a business choose the best hosting service in India.

Size and Needs of Your Business

Identifying the requirements of your business and choosing a plan which provides resources and support to match it. The websites of new businesses may not have much content and even the visitors are few. This means that their resource requirements in terms of storage and bandwidth are limited. In such a scenario it is best to buy the domain and hosting plans from a vendor who is offering services to suit beginners. Do check about the option to upscale your resources once your business grows and the website traffic is also up.

Check the Quality of Service

Looking for an economical web hosting service does not mean that a business has to compromise with the type and the quality of services. Choose an affordable plan that provides fast loading speed, maximum uptime, easy to use, customer support, and adequate security of your website’s content.

Inclusion of Domain Name

Buy plans that offer both the domain and hosting as they turn out to be more economical than buying both the services from two different vendors. This will also help you avoid changing the domain settings and linking them to your web hosting service providers’ data. Compare plans based on their features and inclusions.

Customer Support

A key feature that you should look at while finalising a hosting plan for yourself is the level of customer support that is being offered. Good customer support is essential to deal with any problems or hiccups that may come up while handling your website.


The pricing of hosting plans is a key factor that needs to be looked at. While the shared hosting plans are the cheapest, dedicated hosting services are the costliest. For businesses looking to balance the pricing with the services and the possibility of upscaling VPS hosting plans are the most suitable. They offer good support and infrastructure to allow a business to manage increased traffic easily while being cheaper than the dedicated hosting plans.

In its quest for being economical, a business should not get lured by exceptionally unrealistic or cheap offers. Such hosting plans may include hidden charges like service fees for resolving any issues that you may face with the operating of your website.

The basic criteria for selecting the best hosting in India are the type of website, its traffic, the extent of support required, and the types of extra services like automated backups, malware, or e-mail account needed. Other considerations include website security, reliability of the platform and the level of customer support. Most of the hosting packages come with free domain, free SSL certificates, free CDN and much more. Compare them and choose accordingly.