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How can advertising and marketing help in rejuvenating small businesses after pandemic?

Boost your local business with digital marketing services

The world is currently going through a tough phase as the pandemic has single handedly destroyed every other sector in the world. If you look at the different sectors that have been affected by this crisis you will see that the businesses are the hardest hit. As the consumption drastically reduced in the aftermath of pandemic, the businesses suffered losses. And with current estimates more the one third of small scale businesses have already shut their operations. The situation is dire but the solution is simple. For small scale industries proper marketing and advertising can help in rejuvenating the businesses across the globe.

What are the criteria of a good logo?

Now when it comes to advertising of small scale businesses the very basic thing that the owners can do is to create a good logo. A logo is a must for brands. And by creating a logo they can further increase their consumer bases. Logo is like the identity card for businesses. In most cases people recognize a brand from the logos only. There are certain criteria that need to be followed however. For example, logos must be concise. That is to say logos must be minimal so that in limited space they can be used. Like in many cases logos are put on employee uniforms and hats making them a prop for advertising. The logo must also be innovative. That is to say logos must not be plagiarized in any way. This is to make sure that there are no copyright infringement issues with logo designs. And lastly logos must be attractive otherwise the whole purpose of having a logo is defeated.

Hire a good logo designer online

So if you are to create an online logo (buat logo online, which is the term in Indonesian) for your brand then you must find professional logo designers. In Indonesia many online platforms are now available from where you can hire professional logo designers. For example, the fastwork website has listed some of the most efficient logo designers. So if you are to hire a good and efficient logo designer then make sure to scout these online platforms beforehand.