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History Of The FRENCHIE Decoded – Just For You

So, we are discussing about Frenchies for quite some time now. Where did the Frenchie come from? That is a question, that most of you would ask. This great lapdog has been around for some time now. They were bred in England to be a miniature bulldog. These dogs used to accompany the Englishmen to France. Thus, earning the title ‘Frenchie.’ Apart from being companion dogs, they make great friends. Now, they are quite famous as family dogs. They are a rare dog breed. Furthermore, they are not very affordable as well.

They are a result of cross-breeding. Englishmen had cross-bred bull dogs and terriers. Thus, resulting in the French Bulldog. Most of the Englishmen abandoned their dogs. Later, after the 19th century, the French took over. They named the dog with the French tag. The exhibition of Frenchies started from1896 onwards. When ladies started to exhibit them at public events.

About The Breed

You should know about the breed, before buying one. Moreover, there are many lying in shelters. You can even adopt them. They have a high upkeep, but are well-worth it. They are suitable for small apartments and dwellings. They are small and considered a toy-breed. They are also good for novice owners. They are highly sensitive creatures. However, they can be a bit stubborn. However, you as an owner will need to be persistent with them. Moreover, you should always leave someone at home. They cannot afford to live alone. Moreover, they are quite happy in cold weather. What they are not able to tolerate is heat.

They are very affectionate towards family and are kid-friendly as well. They are also notably friendly towards strangers. You can put them up with other strangers as well. They mingle well. You would be happy to know that they do not shed much.

Today, they make a great pet. The Frenchie Dog is in high-demand today. In between it had lost its glory. However, it has regained its lost glory as an apartment pet. So, if you are thinking of buying one, do go ahead. However, you should remember to take great care of the dog. They are the best in business today. You will love them, for the sweet companionship they provide. However, do remember their price. They are considered to be exotic breeds. So, they cost upwards of $1,500. You will love them, for what they are.