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Guide for Selling Stuff Online

 Online shop (ร้านค้าออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) makes it easier for people to turn their trash into another man’s treasure. If you’re looking to sell new or used gadgets, appliances, cars, and so on, the online shop is for you.

Choose an online platform

 Different platforms fit in for how you wish to go about your sales. For instance, consider eBay if you’re willing to ship the item, Facebook, if you’re trying to connect with local buyers. Etsy if the item is handmade.

 Make Sure Your Items are Sales-worthy

Sometimes your trash is nothing but just trash. Put yourself in the shoes of buyers and ask yourself if you would buy this from another seller.

 Determine your price

 If you’re unsure how to fix your price, research the prices of similar items. Potential buyers are likely going to offer a lower price, so you need to decide if you’re willing to negotiate. Try not to change your price once you’ve decided.

Be Professional

Be prompt to respond to buyers’ inquiries, and ensure you’re punctual with delivery. Feedback is allowed in online sales communities, and the way you deal with transactions says a lot about your reputation within the community.

 Prepare the Item to be Photographed and Sold

To get the best price for your items, they should be in good shape. Clothes must be washed and ironed, toys sanitized, cars serviced and painted. Generally, buyers are attracted to items that are good looking good onscreen.

Write Good Copy

 Be clear about the product description, price, and pick up location. Also, emphasize on the state of the product; your potential customers want to know if it is scratched, bruised, dented, or battered. Brand new items are not mainly of interest to everyone; however they’re looking for honest descriptions.