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Golf As A Sport – Increasing Participation And Why It Is One Of The Sport Categorize In Current Times

Golf Is famous because of the so many unwritten rules behind the sport. Such as not walking on the partner playing with you and adjusting lines for them, the necessity to shake hands after each round. There is a sense of companionship that comes when the entire group looks for lost or strayed off golf balls. The game is the epitome of good manners and respect. There is camaraderie hence it promotes good relations between people participating in it. A good golf game on a lovely sunny day is the best way to unwind and trace back the old days. The sport has a rich history of intellect and luxury.

The different types of golf games and their formats

The different formats of golf are as follows

  1. medal
  2. stableford
  3. Texas- scramble
  4. foursomes
  5. greenstones

There are other kinds, the list is quite long but the above mentioned are the most famous types.

Golf is a very versatile game ad works well adapting around the players moods. It can be played by one single player or with three other mates such as green some is a very rebellious kind of golf and very suitable for people want to get some stress of their shoulders. Golf supports handicap players too and they can easily excel at it. Professionals in golf can play longer which simply means they don’t have to retire so early and can play even their hairs are gray if they are still good at it. Golf is preferred by many people because it allows a single to play the games and is as enjoyable as it is with a group. Each round of golf is different which makes the game so interesting. The condition of one is never like the other which is why golf enthusiasts keep coming back and never get bored. To get golf lessons Singapore, look up the golf complexes in northern Singapore.

While is understandable that golf is not the most physically assertive sport out there. However, an average golfer walks six miles on an average of eighteen rounds per game. The walk is up or down a hill or on a sandy road.

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