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Four Tips For The Perfect Translation

Translating is equivalent to creating a bridge between two cultures and two linguistic systems more or less distant from each other, helping to make culture and information accessible to everyone, insiders, and non-professionals.

The translated text is transported in a social, linguistic, and cultural context different from the original one. The translator’s job is precise to accompany him on his journey from there to here, making sure that the meaning and style are adapted exclusively where necessary to safeguard their thematic and cultural sense.

To translate is not enough to know a foreign language

It is not enough to even open a vocabulary and hope to find all the possible and imaginable answers, also if it were an oracle.

What you will need is indisputably an immense cultural and linguistic knowledge combined with a good understanding of grammar, lexical and syntactic, both the original language (or source language) to the target language (or target language).

Learn more about the language field in which you would like to specialize, study, and practice

Build terminology-notional baggage that allows you to move independently and casually within the area in which you have chosen to specialize.

Sometimes there is a subtle difference between a text translated by a professional translator and one brought by a company employee who speaks some foreign language but who has never turned anything more complex than the sentences of high school English and has never studied the language in-depth, analyzing every single characteristic, that is why you need a Translation services company(บริษัทรับแปลเอกสาร which is the term in thai).

Resign yourself to the evidence; you can’t be a wholesaler

There are areas in which you feel more prepared and confident and others in which you find it difficult to orient yourself because you do not have the necessary knowledge.

It is up to you to have the intellectual honesty necessary to recognize (and know) your limits and admit to yourself that you cannot translate any type of text in front of you without a minimum of experience – at least linguistic – of the sector to which the book it belongs.