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All About Live Commerce

Live commerce is a term used to explain the concept of combining e-commerce with video streaming. This concept has shown its potential in bringing a revolution into the retail industry anti-christian the shopping habits of consumers. Most people are not yet acquainted with the strategies and characteristics of this latest invention in the retail sector. Here are some things you should know about Live commerce.

The Evolving Retail Industry

The closure of various land-based commercial stores is becoming rampant in our world these days. In places like the United States, over 5000 stores were announced to be closed in a particular year. Some years ago, the idea of selling goods and services online was invented, and now online shopping has become the order of the day. One can shop everything he or she needs online and get them delivered at their doorpost. There is an app for ordering shoes, clothes, and other items, even a piece of household equipment. With the online shopping feature that is present these days, people are encouraged to order more than one size of the same product and return the ones that did not fit them. Technology also has increased the efficiency of this system by providing mobile apps and chatbots that helps the online consumer ensure success in ordering their goods. Even with the technologies of machine learning, user experience has been learned, and the system can offer recommendations based on the previous history of the consumer.  Despite all these beautiful attempts to give customers an enjoyable experience of shopping online, there are still breaches that can only be fixed by live streaming Commerce. Today companies are trying to bring their consumers closer by using live streaming experience in their โปรแกรม สต๊อก สินค้า (which is the term in Thai).

Moving Live Commerce Forward

With live commerce, consumers can get a real-time view and online experience of the สต๊อกสินค้า (which is the term in Thai) they want to purchase. Live commerce does not eliminate online retail; rather, it enhances it and draws the customers closer to the company.