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7 Advantages Of Motorized Retractable Awnings Over Manual Awnings

Manual and Motorized Retractable Awnings

If you are considering installing an awning in your patio, deck, or doorway, it is important to know the types of awning available in the market.

There are basically two: the retractable awning and the stationary awning. Retractable awnings are those with shade or sheet that can be adjusted manually or using motorized controls. A stationary awning, meanwhile, has a shade that can no longer be adjusted. While both have distinct advantages—and a certain type fits a specific function well—retractable awnings Maryland generally has more benefits.

So why should you choose a retractable awning over a manual awning? Here are seven advantages of the motorized awning:

Flexible. While stationary awnings work best in small areas such as windows and doorways, retractable awnings Maryland are the top choice when you’re looking to shade a large area such a patio or a garden. But you won’t always need a shade, so a motorized retractable awning will allow you to change the look and aesthetic of the area but simply hiding the shade with a press of a button.

Convenience. There will be occasions when you will have to remove the canopy of your awning, for whatever reason. With a motorized retractable awning, you wouldn’t have to do this manually. Removing a stationary canopy can be a bit of pain, especially when you’re doing it during an emergency. Isn’t it better to have the option to retract it easily instead?

Adjust. You won’t always want complete shade from the sun. A retractable awning will allow you to adjust your exposure to the sun while under its shade or canopy. Do you want more shade? You can easily adjust it!

Reduced heat. Leaving the projection or the canopy of the awning means you are reducing the heat that’s entering your household significantly, especially when the awning is placed in strategic locations.

Reduce damage. Because you can retract the awning at any time, you have the ability to protect the awning’s canopy in case of intense weather conditions such as heavy rain and strong winds. With stationary awnings, you will either have to manually remove the canopy or just run the risk of getting it damaged during a storm.

Protection. One reason why people install retractable awnings Maryland is to reduce the household furnishings exposure to sunlight, water due to rain, and other elements. Reduced exposure to these means your furnishing will be protected from damage, fading, and regular wear and tear, as these outdoor factors can cause damage to your house.

Aesthetics. Overall, motorized retractable awnings Maryland are just better-looking than most stationary awnings. Overall, it improves the look and appear of your house, especially when used properly.

Of course, there are specific instances when it might be best to use a stationary or fixed awning instead of a motorized retractable one. For instance, smaller areas work best with stationary awnings, especially in places that have no need for adjustment. (Larger areas such as patios work best with bigger, retractable awnings). However, in general, motorized retractable awnings are the best choice for your canopy needs.

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to spruce up your deck or a business owner looking to have extra shade for your customers, KCCS Construction has a ton of choices when it comes to retractable awnings Maryland.

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