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Which Rummy App You Should Download

Online Rummy is a very popular game in India. With India’s huge internet user base and disposable time and income in the hands of users, playing Indian Rummy online is one of the preferred forms of entertainment. Online Rummy is available on many app platforms, of which you can choose your preferred ones on the basis of game variations available on an app, the kind of players on the platform, or just how preferable the features of the app feel to you.

Below are some of the best rummy apps to download, all of which are 100% legal in India: 

  1. Rummy Passion

Rummy passion is an app based as well as website accessible rummy platform on which players can play rummy for real cash or online cash. All you need to do is download, sign-up, deposit cash and start playing. It has a very rich player interface which makes it easy for you to find a game table of your choice. It also has referral based prizes and promotions. Rummy Passion is a safe and secure platform, available on iOS, android, and its windows optimised website.

  1. Classic Rummy

Classic rummy is a very suitable rummy platform for beginners and experts alike. The games available are point rummy, 101 pools, deals rummy, classic tourney, and free games among others. Players can also make withdrawals as and when desired. The best part is that this app is safe and verified with 24*7 player support, should you face any issue with your money deposits, withdrawals, login etc. The app is available on iOS and android as well as for windows. 

  1. Adda52

Adda52 is a very popular platform to play rummy for cash. It has the same essential procedure in which you need to sign up, make a deposit and start playing. As with other apps you can withdraw your cash winnings whenever you want. The platform offers a joining bonus as well to new players and runs tournaments regularly with attractive gifts such as gadgets, iPhones etc. There is an attractive loyalty program also that they run which may be worth exploring if you like the platform’s interface. The platform also offers good customer support and is safe. This app is available on both iOS and android as well as on windows accessible from on its website.

  1. RummyCircle

RummyCircle is a very user friendly rummy platform. It also has the same procedure as other platforms in which you sign up to deposit and start playing. A variety of rummy games are available on this platform including point rummy and pool rummy. The platform runs various regular tournaments as well as promotions for its players. The best thing about rummy circle is that it has a huge player base, which means whenever you log in you will definitely find a table of players that you will find challenging, exciting, and fun for you. As with all of our recommended apps, RummyCircle is a 100% legal and safe platform. It is available on iOS and Android and is also playable on their windows optimised website. 


This age old Indian game of rummy is a very enthralling and fun game which will make you experience suspense and excitement alike. Download one the many available Indian rummy apps and start playing now and win real cash prizes. 

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