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Holistic Methods To Manage Noise Anxiety In Dogs

Golden Retrievers have very sensitive hearing and loud noises like car horns, fireworks and thunderstorms can cause them stress and anxiety. It’s estimated that Golden Retrievers can hear ten times better than people, so regular cracks of thunder are terrifying for them. You need to be fully aware of the symptoms and signs of noise anxiety in your Golden Retriever Pup.

The most obvious sign is a change in personality. Your Golden Retriever Pup may whine or cry when there’s a sudden loud noise. He may run away and hide in the basement. Some Golden Retrievers can become very aggressive, while others could pant excessively or tremble. When addressing psychological issues, holistic methods are the most effective, because they address the mind and body.

The Psychological Aspects Of The Noise Problems

For long-term success, you need to focus on the psychological aspects of the noise problems. Avoid reinforcing fearful behaviours in any way. When there’s a sudden loud noise, pretend that it’s nothing. Avoid staring at your Golden Retriever, because it will affirm that the loud noise is a problem. If you act calmly, your dog will be calmer as well. If the loud noise won’t stop, your Golden Retriever could start to act nervously and it’s time to calmly distract him with tasty treat or squeaky toys. This will associate loud noises with fun experience. Praise your dog a lot if he is calm despite the loud noises. The feeling of anxiety could be alleviated if your dog is confined in a small, protected space like a crate. The crate simulates a den for your dog in nature, where he feels more protected and safer. Be aware that confining an aggressive Golden Retriever isn’t a good idea.

The Physical Approach

The physical approach is an essential part of any holistic treatment. A safe remedy is to give your Golden Retriever milk because tryptophan will help to relax the mind. If your dog is intolerant to dairy, you may begin with a small amount. Tellington Touch is a therapeutic massage that can help ease noise anxiety. Gently hold the ear flaps between your forefingers and thumbs, then stroke them from the base to the tip. Repeat this motion to cover all parts of the ear. Alternatively, you can massage the base of the ear with the same fingers by drawing tiny circles. Valerian can help to calm your dog. Use 50mg of dried valerian or one drop of extract per pound of body weight.

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